Gloss Poly Package included items


2x Gloss Benchtops

2400mm(L) x 600mm(D)
2 Pieces of gloss laminated benchtop made from 1mm laminate applied on 25mm HMR (moisture resistant) particle board. Both pieces are edged all around with 2mm PVC chip-resistant edge. Packing includes 1.3m of spare edge in case it's required during installation.
Poly Kitchen package base cabinets

6x Gloss Base Cabinets

720mm(H) x 580mm(D)
Base cabinets included in the package have sides and back panel sprayed in Gloss Poly.
1x 450mm BASE 3 drawer Cabinet, 2x 900mm BASE double door Cabinets, 2x 300mm BASE single door Cabinets, 1x 600mm BASE Ovem Cabinet.
Poly Kitchen package wall cabinets

4x Gloss Wall Cabinets

720mm(H) x 330mm(D)
Wall cabinets included in the package have sides sprayed in Gloss Poly.
1x 900mm WALL double door Cabinet, 1x 450mm WALL single door Cabinet, 1x 300mm WALL single door Cabinet, 1x 600mm WALL Rangehood double door Cabinet.
Poly Kitchen package Pantry

1x Pantry

2000mm(H) x 600mm(D).
Total height with kickboard 2150mm
Pantry cabinet included in the package have sides sprayed in Gloss Poly.
1x 450mm PANTRY Single door with 1x fixed and 3x adjustable shelves.
Poly Kitchen package cabinet above the fridge

1x Cabinet above the Fridge, 1x Tall Panel

350mm(H) x 330mm(D)
1x 900mm Cabinet above the Fridge, to create Fridge space of 1800mm high x 900mm wide.
1x 600mm x 2300mm panel to cover the fridge side. Panel needs to be cut down to 2150mm on site, unless 2300mm kit is added.

4x Aluminium Kickboards

2400mm(L) x 150mm(H)
3x 2400mm Long Kickboard panels, 1x 1200mm Long Kickboard panel. Long Pieces of kickboards are edged on both short ends.

4x Gloss Fillers

3x 100mm Fillers, 1x 150mm Filler. Fillers are required for neet installation near the walls or panels.
Cutlery insert

Cutlery Insert

450mm(W) x 500mm(D)
Gray colour cutlery insert (for top narrow drawer).
Adjustable legs

Adjustable Legs

All floor cabinets include adjustable legs for easy leveling.

Assembly Hardware

19x D Steel Handles 128mm, 31x Soft-close Hinges, 3x Steel drawer runners, Dowels and cam-locks, Screws for handles, hinges, runners, joining cabinets, Sink clips and benchtop clips, Decorative camlocks and screw-covers.


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