Optional Extras - kitchen upgrades

Add elegance, improve storage with optional bench tops, accessories and storage solutions.
These items can be purchased only with one of our packages. They are not sold separately.
black laminate
Black Laminate Tops $99 extra
white quartz
White Quartz Stone $770 extra
black quartz
Black Quartz Stone $770 extra
glass door
Glass Door $88 each
alum splash
Aluminium Splashback $295/sheet
Laminated Waterfall Sides $95 each
single bin
Door Fitted Bin $38
twin bin
Twin Bin $89
roll out
Roll out Shelf $45
spice shelf
Wall Fitted Spice Shelf $38
magic corner
Magic Corner $313
pull out
Pull-out Pantry fitting $313
fold out
Fold-out Pantry $313
square handles
Square Handles $50 extra
long handles
Long Handles $180 extra
finger pull
Finger-pull Handles $50 extra
black handles
Black Handles $99 extra
marble tiles
White/Marble Gloss Ceramic Tiles $30
2300 drawer
Increase Pantry Height to 2300mm
2300 hood
Increase Hood unit to suit 2300mm
2300mm Range with wall units in line
led 1
1511 Single Circle downlight $20 +TR
led 2
3507 Multy-Length light from $23 +TR
led 3
2505 Sensor Light $20 +TR

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