Basic Package Inclusions

image 1

2 x Gloss Benchtops

2400mm(L) x 600mm(D)
Two gloss laminated benchtops are made from laminate applied on 25mm HMR (moisture resistant) particle board. Both pieces are edged all around with 2mm PVC chip-resistant edge. Packing includes 1.3m of spare edge in case it's required during installation.
image 2

6 x Base Cabinets

720mm(H) x 580mm(D)
1 x 450mm BASE 3 Drawer Cabinet, 2 x 900mm BASE Double Door Cabinets, 2 x 300mm BASE Single Door Cabinets, 1 x 600mm BASE Oven Cabinet.
image 3

4 x Wall Cabinets

720mm(H) x 330mm(D)
1 x 900mm WALL Double Door Cabinet, 1 x 450mm WALL Single Door Cabinet, 1 x 300mm WALL Single Door Cabinet, 1 x 600mm WALL Rangehood Double Door Cabinet.
image 4

4 x Aluminium Kickboards

2400mm(L) x 150mm(H)
3 x 2400mm Kickboard Panels, 1 x 1200mm Kickboard Panel. Longer pieces of kickboards are edged on both short ends.
image 5

4 x Fillers

3 x 100mm Fillers, 1 x 150mm Filler. Fillers are required for neat installation near walls or panels.
image 9

Cutlery Insert

450mm(W) x 500mm(D)
To be placed in top narrow drawer.
image 10

Adjustable Legs

All floor cabinets include adjustable legs for easy levelling.
image 11

Assembly Hardware

19 x 128mm D Steel Handles, 31 x Soft-Close Hinges, 3 x Steel Drawer Runners, Dowels and Cam-locks, Screws for handles, hinges, runners, joining cabinets, Sink clips and Benchtop clips, decorative cam-lock and screw covers.